Renovating or creating a bathroom is a long-term process and you must not make a mistake when making the crucial choice between bathtub, shower or walk-in shower.

As a rule, men prefer showers, while women like to be able to relax and unwind in a warm, fragrant, bubble bath. But there are other criteria that come into play in the decision: the size of the room, the amount of time spent in it, the composition and needs of the family…

Understanding your space

If the bathroom is small, installing a bathtub will mean sacrificing storage space that is always useful. Furthermore, in everyday life, it is better to install a double washbasin and a shower rather than a single washbasin and a bathtub in order to optimize space and have a more functional and rational use of the room.

It is of course possible to take showers in a bathtub but it is less comfortable to stand in it than in a shower and the floor is more slippery. The plastic shower curtain that sticks to the body when wet should be avoided for aesthetic and comfort reasons and should be replaced by a glass wall.

With young children, the choice of a bathtub seems more judicious because it is easier to wash a baby in it and when he grows up the bath allows him to relax and have fun. In addition, children can go in together, which saves a lot of time at bath time.

If the bathroom is not only a place for ablutions but also a space for relaxation, the bathtub has its place because by adding bath salts or essential oils the bath becomes a moment of care and relaxation after a difficult day. The wellness aspect can be optimized by choosing a whirlpool bath.

The walk-in shower is the undisputed star of the new bathrooms. It owes its name to the Roman baths, which were entirely tiled and whose slightly sloping floor allowed water to drain away. Different from the classic shower cubicle, which is wider and longer, its main characteristics are that it consists of only two walls, is open (without a door), is on the same level (without a basin) and is separated from the rest of the room by a glass wall.

If the main disadvantages are that it takes up almost as much space as a bathtub and leaves no room for privacy (it is however possible to opt for a more or less opaque glass wall or a tiled partition), it has the advantage of transforming the water room into an open, designer space and allows for all sorts of materials: waxed concrete, mosaic, granite, pebbles, tiles… Its large size allows the installation of several shower columns, hydromassage jets in addition to the indispensable large fixed shower head.

The choice remains difficult and the ideal, if the surface of the bathroom allows it, is to install a shower and a bathtub.

Corinne Gibert

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