Most of the flats and houses built in recent years have a large living room with a living room, dining area and open kitchen. As a result, we spend most of our time at home in the living room or in the master bedroom. The living room is the one where we receive family and friends and that we want to reflect our image, whereas the master bedroom, because of its private nature, is often the last room we take care of due to lack of time and budget. It is however the room that preserves the intimacy of the parents and it must be a haven of peace to rest and disconnect. It should reflect our tastes and moods. A few simple and inexpensive ideas can be used to give it a makeover.

One theme makes all the difference...

First of all, it is important to choose a theme, a common thread such as seaside, country, Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian or minimalist, which will help you decide on the colors, fabrics and accessories, while taking care to respect one of the basic principles of harmonious design: no more than three different colors that go well together per room and no profusion of accessories. Consequently, we put back in the cellar or attic the knick-knacks, decorations and frames accumulated over the years that we don’t even see anymore but that clutter up the space and we replace them with a few objects that will set the tone of the room: a beautiful vase, a lamp, a mirror….

Painting a wall in a different color or putting a retro, floral, geometric or trompe l’oeil wallpaper on one of the walls will give the room depth and velvetiness. In the bedroom, the wall of the headboard is preferable, and in the living room, the living room wall facing the sofa or the underside of the stairs can be used as a study area.

A headboard can transform a room and become a decorative element in its own right. There are headboards to suit all tastes in the shops, but you can also create one yourself from recycled pallets, old shutters, mirror frames or old paintings, or large cushions hung on a rod….

Be creative

To replace traditional bedside tables, there is no shortage of ideas for original do-it-yourself or second-hand bedside tables: stacked vintage suitcases, an old wooden, leather or rattan trunk, a tree log with attached legs or wheels can be used as a bedside table, If you don’t want to clutter up the floor space, floating shelves with their clean look and discreet assembly will add a touch of elegance.

The bed takes center stage in the bedroom, as do the sofa and armchairs in the living room. The choice of textiles is therefore very important. In the living room, the sofa and armchairs are covered with large plaids and in the bedroom, quality bed linen and a beautiful bedspread are chosen. Cushions are inexpensive decorative elements and for more effect you can mix plain cushions with printed ones, but you have to choose them according to the desired decoration, taking care not to break the main thread.

The sofa ends are very trendy. They can accommodate lamps, plants and frames. Just like bedside tables, with a little imagination, they are easy to make yourself.

Comfort first

Two other points of comfort, whether in the bedroom or the living room, are lighting and curtains, as these will help to create a cosy atmosphere at the end of the day.

Light is important because it creates the atmosphere. Avoid harsh ceiling lights and opt for indirect lighting in different parts of the room. In the bedroom, night- lights on either side of the bed provide a subdued light that is conducive to rest.
Curtains contribute to making a room more intimate, they protect from prying eyes, from the opposite side and filter the natural light. Once deployed, they become an integral part of the room and it is therefore essential that they match the chosen style of decoration. The choice is vast: made-to-measure, ready-to-install, blinds for a more contemporary look, Japanese panels….

Revamping the living room or parents’ bedroom also means decorating the walls. A large mirror, a gallery style wall with many frames, a collection of straw hats, a series of small mirrors hung to form a graphic decoration, a shelf or a sideboard to display a collection of vases or jugs… will allow you to express your tastes, reflect your personality and make your room look like no other.

There are many websites and tutorials on internet that will help you decide on the theme of your decoration and make small pieces of furniture if you feel like a handyman. You can also buy a canvas, tubes of color and show off your artistic skills. If painting is not your thing, work with stencils or make collages. There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving compliments on your own creations, so all you have to do is…

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