The pedestal washbasin as we knew it a few decades ago, with its beige, pink or blue pastel colour and rounded shape, is no longer in fashion and only white Art Deco basins, with their rectangular shape and elaborate column, can now be found in retro chic bathrooms. While the column of the pedestal basin has the advantage of hiding all the plumbing, it has the disadvantage of losing storage space.
As bathrooms in recent houses are not very large, it is important to optimize space and for some years now, free-standing or built-in basins have been in vogue as they allow for optimum storage.

With this in mind, designers and manufacturers have innovated in the materials and shapes of basins. They are available on the market in ceramic, resin, stone, wood or concrete, in round, square or oval shapes, and can be placed on top of or built into a bathroom cabinet with or without a closed storage space.


All manufacturers offer numerous models of bathroom furniture with integrated basins, but when creating or renovating a bathroom, why not think outside the box and let your creativity and DIY skills speak for themselves by finding vintage furniture and turning it from its original function to become bathroom furniture. There are many interior design websites on the internet where you can find inspiration for the style you want and many tutorials to make your dreams come true. Why not recycle old dressing tables, vintage bedside tables, which gives a second life to furniture that you can find at low cost, or make your own industrial furniture with iron squares and a wooden top. And what pride to have a bathroom where you put your personal touch and which does not resemble any other.

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