In these troubled and uncertain times, the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are all the more precious, so to cheer up the heart, we bet on a festive atmosphere. Of course there is the inevitable tree without which Christmas would not be Christmas but the decoration is not limited to that….The holidays are an opportunity to gather with family and friends and it is around a table that we spend most of his reunion. The decoration of the table requires special attention to create a festive atmosphere and must be up to the festivities.
For a successful holiday table, you must first decide on a theme or color code and stick to it.

For the purists who focus on tradition and authenticity, red, green and gold remain the great classics for a Christmas table. Branches on a red tablecloth, red plates on a green tablecloth, golden candles or a light garland in the center of the table will contribute to create a warm atmosphere.

Another great Christmas classic is white, blue and silver for an elegant atmosphere echoing the winter decorations. A sky blue table runner decorated with silver candle holders of various sizes on a white tablecloth will bring sobriety and character to the table. You can also opt for transparent candle holders with blue candles, angel hair or silver baubles, a candle jar filled with different shades of blue balls as a centerpiece.

Traditionally three colors are used for Christmas decorations but for a more minimalist and chic touch you can also play with only two colors like white and gold or purple and silver

You can also go off the beaten track with a natural and eco-responsible decoration by using green, taupe, white and gold or silver colors and natural elements: raffia, burlap, pine cones, driftwood … branches of fir in the center of the table used as a support for photophores that will enhance the Christmas table.

You can also play the anti-conformism and the “island style” and choose a table decoration “seaside” by using driftwood, photophores filled with sand or shells, starfish, rattan placemats and white and ultramarine blue for the tablecloth and dishes.

Holiday meals are important, but table decorations play a big role in their success. And it’s what your guests will see first. So it’s up to you to surprise them with original ideas and creations.

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