Contemporary indigenous decor

Having been a regular holidaymaker in Mallorca before buying a house here, located in the protected areas of the Tramuntana mountains (a World Heritage Site), we are delighted to be able to offer you a choice of accommodation; The owners of this house were looking for a place where they could spend time all year round and especially on holiday. These factors, together with the fact that the house is located in one of the most natural parts of the island, influenced their choice at the time of the renovation; These elements, together with the house’s location in one of the most natural parts of the island, influenced their choice when it came to the renovation. The owners chose Mallorca-based architectural practice ‘More Design’ to work on the project. The brief was simple: “to modernise the house without spoiling its traditional Mallorcan features”; In this bathroom and throughout the house, this philosophy is evident in every detail, with contemporary comfort blending perfectly with the rich heritage of the house;

The elements

The materials

The existing bathroom didn’t really have the essence of Majorcan décor. “That’s one of the reasons we wanted to renovate – to bring back authenticity,” explains the owner. Hence the choice of local Binissalem stone for the basin and shower tray, which has a high lip to prevent water from overflowing onto the bathroom floor. Tadelakt plaster, a traditional Marrakech lime-based stucco, is used on the floors and walls, accentuating the room’s indigenous look. The addition of underfloor heating is a very nice touch, as the decor is not harsh and it’s very useful during the autumn and winter, as Mallorca winters are rainy and cold; The heated towel rail is fitted with a radiator;

A traditional touch

The taps, showerhead and towel rails used in this bathroom were chosen for their vintage feel. Their copper finish accentuates the traditional feel of the space, even though they are meticulously crafted to a high-tech standard; Their copper finish accentuates the traditional feel of the space, even though the basic construction is meticulous and high-tech. The taps and towel rails are by Lefroy Brooks ( Similar models are also available from Butler & Rose ( and Perrin & Rowe;

Storage – a real headache

Good built-in storage space is essential; in this bathroom the built-in drawers under the vanity unit were designed especially for the room and made from reclaimed wooden beams. A wooden tray has been cleverly placed under the basin to provide additional space for storing a glass of water, beauty products or your toothbrush;

Let there be light

Finding the right balance of lighting in a bathroom is a complex task. The most important thing is to light the key elements – the mirror, for example; The key elements – the mirror, for example – need to be illuminated. The lighting in this bathroom is subtle, and the organic-looking lights help to create a rustic yet sophisticated style in the space; One final tip: use twilight switches for all the lighting to keep the room looking its best;

Decorating tips

– Mirror images

A mirror is essential in the bathroom: not only is it an essential beauty tool, it also helps to brighten up the room. In this bathroom, the frame is simple to match the minimalist style of the room;

– The finishing touch

Tastefully choose glassware, towels and bath towels to match the décor; in this bathroom, these include locally sourced glass and handmade cotton hammam towels. Toiletries are housed in simple containers made of glass; in keeping with the clean lines of the space;

– Practical advice from the owner

“An architect and an interior decorator are the best people to guide you when you’re thinking about renovation. They are professionals who are always better inspired than we are. Favour local materials and traditional craftsmanship to maintain the authenticity of the home. I’ve built a few houses around the world and I like to match the local style”

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