There are many shades of blue, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, ultramarine blue, and duck blue which is an intense blue revealing a subtle green under the effect of light. Duck blue, inspired by the shades of the feathers of the mallard or peacock, is back in force in interior design. In the symbolism of colors, blue invites calm and green to the harmony of the spirit. By bringing these two shades together, the timeless color duck blue, brings serenity and elegance felt.

On fabrics, in paint or wallpaper on walls, it will make the difference in all rooms of the house. Duck blue can be associated with all styles, but the adage “not too much is enough” is quite appropriate for this shade that harmonizes wonderfully with warm colors but is best avoided in total look because it is a deep color that tends to reduce the surface area of the rooms.

In a kitchen or bathroom, duck blue is combined with white or light natural wood. In a bathroom, we will opt for furniture in light natural wood or white and we will decorate the walls with mirrors and gold frames or rattan. In a kitchen, it will give a unique, contemporary, vintage or Scandinavian look depending on whether it is combined with natural wood, stone, stainless steel or waxed concrete.

In a bedroom or living room, associated with powder pink, mouse gray, gold, taupe, duck blue will bring a touch of elegance and tranquility. Mixed with orange, aniseed green or mustard yellow, it will give a vitamin atmosphere to the room.

Halfway between green and blue, duck blue evokes both lush vegetation and deep ocean waters, it will be associated with a cameo of blue and green to create a natural and aquatic atmosphere. Duck blue is perfectly suited to the peaceful haven that are the rooms because it invites to softness and rest. This color is particularly soothing and helps you fall asleep.

Now trendy, this shade of blue is still atypical but has real assets and not to dare for fear that it does not correspond to his style would be a mistake. It’s a deep and luminous hue that integrates with all styles of decoration and goes with everything: raw wood, vintage furniture, natural materials and white furniture. It can give a room a contemporary, chic, bohemian or exotic feel depending on the decor and accessories chosen. If you are not ready to take out paint and brushes you can play on the furniture and objects. Cushions, furniture, a sofa, a carpet or duck blue curtains will give a bold and original look to your interior. But it would be a shame not to try it on the walls because to try it is to love it.
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