Its temperate climate, its beautiful beaches, its social and political stability, make Mauritius the ideal destination for people who wish to expatriate, whether to work, invest, study or simply retire. On arrival at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport, the authorities issue a visa. There are different visas with a duration of three months but with the possibility for some to obtain an extension of three more months. But in no case can the duration of a visa exceed 180 days per year. What are the procedures to follow for a long term stay or settlement in Mauritius?


Tourist Visa: initially granted for ninety days but can be extended for a further ninety days. Business Visa: It is for a maximum of 120 days per calendar year but each trip must not exceed 90 days. Expatriates travelling to Mauritius to set up a company, invest or to apply for an Occupation Permit must apply for this visa on arrival. Social Visa: This is granted to persons sponsored by socio-cultural associations for a maximum period of 45 days. Multiple Entry Visa: This is issued to businessmen with commercial interests in Mauritius. The conditions are the same as for the business visa. Medical Visa: is granted for the duration of treatment but cannot exceed six months. Transit Visa: This is for travellers transiting through Mauritius within 24 hours.


Student Permit: issued by the university or school which will apply for it at the Passport and Permit Office after the student has completed all the formalities. The permit will be issued by e-mail. Young Professional Occupation Permit or YPOP: (Young Professional Occupation Permit). This permit is granted to foreign students who have obtained at least an undergraduate degree from a Mauritian institution of higher learning recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission. The application must be made within six months of the publication of the results and the company applying for the permit must be active in the following sectors: artificial intelligence, robotics, information technology, finance, biotechnology. This visa is issued for a maximum of three years but can then lead to an Occupation Permit Professional. Premium Visa: This is granted to expatriates who can work remotely for a period of one year with the possibility of renewal. Applicants must provide evidence of their plans and take out adequate travel and health insurance. They are not allowed to work in Mauritius under any circumstances and their place of work and source of income must be from another country. Occupation Permit Professional: This is for foreigners employed by a Mauritian company. The minimum salary must be over sixty thousand rupees except for the new technology sector or call centres where the salary must be over thirty thousand rupees. The duration of the permit corresponds to that stipulated in the employment contract. Occupation Permit Self-Employed: this is for the professions and freelance workers and is granted for ten years. A deposit of thirty-five thousand US dollars or the equivalent in any other currency is required and an annual turnover of eight hundred thousand Rupees must be achieved from the third year of activity. Occupation Permit Investor: is granted for a period of ten years. An initial investment of fifty thousand US dollars is required and an annual turnover of four million rupees must be achieved from the third year after obtaining the permit. Permanent Resident Permit: is systematically granted to any purchaser of an IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) property whose value is always higher than three hundred and seventy-five thousand US dollars. The acquisition of a RES (Real Estate Scheme) or PDS (Property Development Scheme) property will only result in a Permanent Resident Permit if the purchase value is over three hundred and seventy-five thousand US dollars. This permit will also be granted to the spouse and children (up to the age of twenty-four). The sale of the property will result in the loss of the permit. Occupation Retired Permit: This is issued for a period of ten years to persons over fifty years of age who can show a minimum monthly income of one thousand five hundred US dollars. Holders of this permit are not allowed to work in Mauritius. Dependent Permit: This is issued to the spouse or cohabitant of the opposite sex and to the natural or unnatural children of any person who has obtained an Occupation Permit. The duration is the same as that of the Occupation Permit and the children cannot be dependent after their twenty-fourth birthday.
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