Litotherapy is a non-conventional alternative medicine that uses the power of stones to improve well-being and help balance the body both physically and mentally; Based on the premise that stones emit vibrations and have a resonance on the body, they improve the well-being of those who wear them;

Which stones for which benefits?

It’s best to ask an expert to find out exactly what you need, but certain stones are essential, such as protection stones, which fall into four distinct families:

  • Protective stones that repel negative energies such as tiger’s eye, amber, jade or black tourmaline;
  • Soothing protective stones that break down energy mechanisms and help to restore calm and lucidity; The main ones are amethyst, moonstone and labradorite;
  • Protective stones that influence energies and encourage the development of positive energies; These include carnelian, fire opal, haematite and sun stone;
  • Absorbent protective stones that absorb and retain negative energies up to a certain threshold; When they are saturated, they can do more harm than good by rejecting stored negative energies; They must therefore be frequently purified or replaced; Black tourmaline, black obsidian, celestial eye and labradorite belong to this family;

How to choose your stone ?

It is often said in litotherapy that it is the stone that chooses us and not we who choose it; It is important to let our intuition guide us when buying a stone, because the one we are most attracted to is the one we will certainly need at that particular moment in our lives; If intuition is not an option, the colour of the stone can also be a criterion for choice, as each colour has its own meaning and power;

  • Yellow or orange stones symbolise wisdom, happiness, joy and alertness; They help with decision-making and improve memory and concentration;
  • Green stones symbolise well-being, balance and self-respect; They help to improve vitality and success;
  • Blue stones enhance intuition and promote spiritual development; They improve communication and self-confidence;
  • Brown or black stones help to visualise and better understand the future; They symbolise composure and resilience;
  • Pink stones represent empathy, love and self-esteem; They help with personal development and new beginnings in life;
  • Purple and violet stones represent magic, spirituality, creativity, inspiration and spiritual wisdom;
  • Red stones symbolise passion, fire, drive, courage and power; They boost morale, give courage and boost self-confidence;

How to use the stones

Whether rough, polished or cut, there are many ways to resonate with stones; Their energies, which are always active, radiate with more or less intensity depending on their charge; All you have to do is hold them close to benefit from their properties; For maximum effect, it is best to wear the stone as a jewel against the skin; In litotherapy, there is a correlation between the effectiveness of a stone and its size: the larger the stone, the greater its range and effectiveness; You can also use a geode in a room to benefit from its energy and radiation;
The energy of stones fluctuates with time and events and can diminish sharply after prolonged use, altering their benefits; The stones are then discharged or charged with negative energies; It is advisable to maintain them regularly by purifying and recharging them; Purification and the method of recharging vary according to each stone and it is advisable to check which method is the most suitable;

Stones are an effective way of protecting yourself, provided you choose them carefully; Every stone has its own positive effects and is more or less effective depending on various criteria: how long it has been used, the state of mind of the person wearing it, their environment and the energies surrounding them…. The power of stones exists, but it’s important to remember that bed therapy is first and foremost an aid and that it alone cannot protect us completely; It is above all the work on oneself that is essential for a harmonious life and stones help in this work by repelling, absorbing or amplifying certain energies;

Bed therapy has already benefited many people around the world, so why shouldn’t you?

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