Lakaz d’Art is a creative platform founded in July 2018 by Kim Siew, aiming to provide resources to develop talents and to create opportunities to facilitate the professionalization of local artists. Our vision is to establish a strong and united creative community and to raise awareness on the importance of art in our society, which we embody through all of our projects. On a professional level, at Lakaz d’Art, we translate brand identity and culture into artwork. A task that empowers a company’s community as well as communicates on a brand’s values.

We recently worked with the African Leadership University (ALU), to create two Afro-Futuristic themed murals for their Rwanda-based university in collaboration with Mauritian artists, Shaun Beyond and Andy Léo, alongside a group of Rwandan artists.

We also worked with Hotel Tamarin (Veranda Group) to create murals revolving around the marine universe for over 100 bedrooms, including the dining room and the garden, using the concept of “Painting Jam,” a ‘Lakaz d’Art concept’ of guiding artists through the creative process without specific artistic output.

Post Confinement, Lakaz d’Art designed a series of workshops willing to help individuals in ‘hacking’ their creative minds. The goal was to guide those individuals towards the exploration of neuroscientific and philosophical concepts that would help them unleash their full creative potential. In our most recent workshop, in collaboration with the artist Kamila, we not only celebrated the American artist Andy Warhol but also contributed into engaging the audience with fundamentals of Pop Art which was a huge success and a fun experience.


Lakaz d’Art works today with 56 visual artists, of different universes, ranging from digital art and painting to photography. Our work with local artists does not limit itself to providing them with an online shop to sell their artworks. Lakaz d’Art seeks out opportunities to collaborate with hotels, restaurants, offices and different institutions. We actively accompany them throughout their artistic journey, as well as in the process of building a career out of their passion.


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