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Why be basic when you can be extra? This bathroom elevates traditional elements such as the classic combination of white and brass, vanity mirrors as well as old-school basins by combining them with show-stopping features that include: a custom-designed XXL round mirror; contemporary hexagonal tiles; and bare bulbs hung from cord cables that, creatively, have been positioned on the wall with bespoke brass supports rather than being suspended more conventionally from the ceiling.


Old meets contemporary meets futuristic in this striking bathroom that boldly places grey on grey on grey. Glossy subway tiles and a painted concrete floor look unexpectedly fresh in combination with vintage-style pressed ceiling panels (who needs wallpaper!) that lend texture and pattern. The interplay of old and new is taken to the next level here: an antique walnut plant stand and ornate period lights (given an update with white paint) as well as the nostalgic aesthetic of the pressed panels act as a bold counterpoint to the fluid curves and ultramodern design of Patricia Urquiola’s Pear vanities for Agape.


In an open-plan bedroom, the bathroom zone has been defined by a raised concrete platform. The industrial-style glass and steel shower cube is a showstopper, the restrained glamour of the space enhanced by elegant details such as tessellated Zellige tiles, an oak bathroom vanity, a shell chandelier, a large framed mirror and decorative ladder used for towels rather than hooks. The limited colour palette gives the area a clean, fresh look.


If ever there was the perfect marriage of restrained industrial cool and free-form organic spirit then this bathroom is it. Every element is perfectly curated for functionality as well as aesthetic balance: from the precise lines of the bespoke black galvanized steel shelves set against creamy white, artfully imperfect Zellige tiles to a collection of apothecary bottles filled with scented bath salts and the untamed arrangement of air plants hung from a metal chandelier frame. Large white marble floor tiles and a tree stump table further enhance this union of nature and machine-made, rustic and modern.


Don’t shy away from all-over colour in a small bathroom or washroom. As well as enlivening the space, colourful walls will deflect attention from any design shortfalls. Pink, a shade that has crossed the line from accent colour to full-on classic, is a fun, lively and fresh choice.


A monochromatic scheme makes this bathroom feel poised and contemporary. While simplicity reigns, there is still plenty of interest: from the contrast of the shiny tiles with the matt finish of the bagged stone floor and main walls to the play of angular shapes (the taps and bespoke black metal cupboard) versus round (the mirrors, basins and pendant lights). The basin stand – made from reeds that have been lashed together and set on bespoke white-painted steel legs – is an unusual choice of material but effective in injecting an element of texture and warmth.


What at first seems to be a traditional bathroom space reveals itself have a modern edge thanks to contemporary drop-pendant lighting, a beautiful gold side table with a delicate profile and a deep Victorian-style ball-and-claw-foot bathtub that has been updated with a coat of glossy graphite-hued paint. The carved framed mirror – an antique shop find – is a dramatic focal piece and connects visually with the ornately framed portrait by South African artist Andrew Putter from his African Hospitality series.
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