10 of the best spectacular swimming pools , luxury

From the breathtaking to the beautiful, these inspiring swimming pools are arguably the ultimate in family-friendly domestic luxuries

1. Addicted to the classics

Anchored by a sculptural curved pillar, the main deck of this multilevel home fit for a tech baron showcases a 25-metre rim-flow swimming pool that makes a smooth visual transition from architecture to the landscape beyond. this deck area demonstrates the difference it makes when the pool is considered an integral part of a space rather than something added as an afterthought – note the way it curves around the column, and the sinuous, stepped-down decking surrounding it, for example.

2. In stone

On one side lies a forest of oak trees, and on the other, a view into a single vista of blue. In between is an arresting, stone-clad house – and this exquisite swimming pool, which, with its dark interior and mirror-like surface, is perhaps the most perfectly magical element of a very special holiday home. The rim-flow pool, has an interior finished in large-format, stone-finish ceramic tiles in a dark grey shade that makes it feel even deeper and larger than it is.

3. Peace and quiet in the countryside

Set within a lush garden, this large and almost lake-like pool is ideal for serious swimmers and splashing kids’ games alike. Lining it with green-tinted glass tiles was an inspired idea that makes the pool blend beautifully with the surrounding landscape as well as seeming like an integral natural part of it.

4. With breathtaking views

Poised on a rocky promontory, this holiday property is the stuff of dreams – and not least because of its jaw-dropping pool, which could easily be located at a boutique hotel rather than a private residence. Situated in a landscaped garden down a short flight of steps from the house and its expansive outdoor terraces, the overflow pool is edged with elegantly linear stone tiles and surrounded by wooden loungers from which to revel in the sunshine – and the views.

5. Natural rhythm

The renovation of a holiday home perched atop a series of mountainside terraces near the sea included a complete overhaul of the existing swimming pool. It’s now a simply gorgeous rim-flow design that seamlessly links water and sky when viewed from the large shallow steps on two sides of the pool, which are ideal for water-based lounging and also make entering and getting out of the water easy.

6. Jungle boogie

Proof positive that a swimming pool need not be large to be envy-inducing, this oval oasis forms part of a coastal retreat. A mountainside home that unfolds over multiple levels. Nestling in a leafy garden, the terrace, made from weathered balau wood, is perfectly designed to give the impression of being suspended in nature;

7. At the top of the mountain

Sporting what must be one of the most breathtaking views of any pool on the planet, this urban oasis also has all the easygoing, family-friendly vibes of a classic suburban home – complete with loads of surrounding greenery and old-school mosaic-tile detail. But the intrusion of the cantilevered wooden deck “into” the space of the water gives this pool area a contemporary edge too, making it pretty much the best of all worlds.

8. Sexy curves

The easy living essentials surrounding the pool include an outdoor shower with a curved natural stone “serpent” wall, and shaded pergolas. The reclaimed oak pool loungers are by More Decor (moredesign.es), while the bright orange textiles used to upholster their cushions were selected by the homeowner for their similarity to 1970s Swedish style.

9. The sky’s the limit

Infinity pools aren’t a modern phenomenon: one of the earliest examples, the Stag Fountain at Versailles, France, dates from the 1660s. Nevertheless, the seemingly boundary-free connection they create between a garden and the ocean and sky beyond it feels extremely contemporary. At this dreamy seaside home, the pool draws the eye outwards towards the endless blues of the horizon, creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

10. Note Bleue

Designed to merge seamlessly into its spectacular oceanside location, this clean-lined infinity pool overlooks a 20-kilometre stretch of pristine beach and a sparkling expanse of sea that in turn dissolves into the sky. When swimming, we feel to be part of this incredible scenery.

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