The Hive Marketplace, a new concept

The Hive Marketplace, a collaborative showroom

The Hive marketplace is a new concept, both innovative and bold! Located at Mont Choisy Le Mall, this collaborative showroom is a first in Mauritius.

“The Hive Marketplace is a collaborative showroom. The first and only one in Mauritius. A showroom as it brings to light brands, trends, talents and we are happy and proud to represent 36 small and medium enterprises which operate in the industry of interior design in Mauritius. Collaborative because it offers all the infrastructures to our specialists, professionals and artists to meet their clients on site but also to collaborate with each other. We also have a retail corner which allows visitors to find the final touch of their design”, explains Christopher Rogers, Managing Director at The Hive Marketplace.

A collaboration with Jugaad, an architecture and placemaking agency, allowed the creation of this unique destination which showcases a wide selection of high-end products displayed in six immersive spaces. These spaces representing the rooms of a house have been designed based on the inspiration of 6 Interior Designers who collaborated with local suppliers and local artists. The goal? To mix styles to create a joyful and harmonious melting pot. At the back of the showroom, a ‘mathériautèque’ offers these professionals all the necessary facilities to collaborate and realize their projects. Connected to a meeting space, this room gathers samples, catalogs, portfolios and business cards of suppliers, designers and artists.

The objective behind this collaborative showroom is to showcase the quality of Mauritian talent and the local skills. A real showcase for suppliers in the home sector, The Hive marketplace is above all a godsend for talented and passionate artists who wish to be put forward.

Reinventing Retailing is also a way for customers to project themselves into the design of their homes. Thanks to the predefined spaces, they can choose directly from the products on display to create the layout that matches their desires, with always the possibility of being put in touch with a designer for custom projects.

Contact : Christopher Rogers – – Tel. 5846 4586

The Hive Marketplace, Lot 1, Ground Floor, Le Hub, DBM Industrial Zone, Phoenix, Mauritius

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