Vendors have two options:

1- Provide their own delivery services (paid or free) or

2- Select the services of FedEx by Rennel Ltd.

Buyers have only the option of FedEx should the vendor(s) does not deliver.

FedEx has a collective day where they collect from all vendors and do deliveries around the island.

FedEx deliveries will be charged as per the following pricing table:

Description Package weight (Physical or volumetric whichever is the highest) Price in Rs excluding VAT Delivery timeframe
Minimum charge 0-5 Kg 250 48 hours
Each Additional 5 Kg 5 Kg 90 48 hours
Order Consolidation fee Per merchant / 5 kg 50 48 hours
Reattempt Delivery Fee   100 24 hours



  • Vendors can select to make their own delivery paid or free and must display their T&C’s
  • Vendors who select FedEx must enter and sign an agreement with Rennel Ltd. Download their agreement 2020_Rennel_Service Delivery Agreement and must liaise with their staff to organize their delivery
  • Vendors are liable to communicate with their new client and follow up on delivery
  • Vendors agree to enter into a commercial contract with to use our marketplace and it’s integrated advertising packages on its Homes magazine
  • Vendors agree to respect our client’s orders and suppliers processes
  • Vendors and Buyers agree to T&C’s and Policymaking a payment to the vendors they are accepting their company and product policies
  • Buyers agree that they are freely and willingly using solely for purchasing a home related product(s) from a vendor or from multi-vendors
  • Buyers agree to our T&C’s and by using agrees to each vendors Cancellation or Return, Change Policies which may vary
  • Buyers agree to fulfill their agreement to purchasing the vendor’s products and in any case of refund or cancellation to bear the cost of these extra fees
  • is only a middleman facilitating this online trade activity
  • is not liable for deliveries extra costs, lost, theft or damaged items
  • only provides a service to both vendors and buyers
  • own its marketplace and publication management reserves the right to refuse any product(s), brand(s), the person(s) or company we don’t see a fit to work with via our marketplace or magazine


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