The YU Lounge since the very start of its operations in 2008 has been consistently showcasing of the capabilities of Mauritius to deliver a unique and world class experience to high net worth travellers, investors, and luxury hoteliers. Located in Mauritius, YU Lounge offers a unique and unparalleled service for all passengers arriving or departing by private flights at SSR International Airport. Whether you want to create that first impression for your clients, guests, and family, or simply enjoy an uncompromised level of services in an endlessly luxurious environment when you travel, YU Lounge endeavours to exceed your expectations.

Every detail, from access points and tenant offices to lounges and restrooms have been designed with the customer’s comfort, privacy, and safety in mind. The services YU Lounge provides to the general aviation community ensures that we can not only meet but exceed the needs of this important and growing market. Apart from its private luxury terminal, it features a 2000 meter-square state of art hangar which accommodates up to 4 business jets, with 260 meter-square of office space and store area that serves the airport stakeholders, and business jet traffic coming to our island.

YU Lounge provides a diverse range of FBO services, including specialized and tailored services to accommodate VIP, Diplomatic, Cargo, Military and Medical evacuation flights. These services include but not limited to overflight and landing clearances, passenger and baggage handling, fuel, aircraft valeting, hangarage, aircraft security, limousine transfer, helicopter transfer and in-flight catering. The YU Lounge private luxury terminal/FBO also benefits from its own in-house Security, Customs, Health, and Immigration facilities, meaning that discretion and security are always assured for all our guests.


20 years later, 20 years since I left Mauritius, almost the time of a generation! And yet… everything is still untouched.

The same authenticity prevails on this multifaceted island. Time, it seems has stopped and has not in any way changed the pertinent memories that I have of the country. I relish in the same colours, scents, the rainbow on the sugarcane field horizon, the lagoon, the markets, and the poetic Creole language, which comes back to me, untouched, spicy in its puns, phrasing, images and music, brisk syllables, that often fall as verdicts! What a treat!

Woven over the years, the bonds of friendship have brought me back to the island, to honor a mission mapped out by an expert in travel tourism, the YU Lounge, a place where the arrival and departure of passengers is given a new dimension. It allows for the passenger to chillax or ‘casse une pause’ (in slang) without stressing.

While the professional team at the YU Lounge handles the formalities related to the arrival and departure, the passenger can delight in a state of the art service. From Designer jewelry, to art, to ceramics, cashmere, rums, fine foods and drinks, the lounge offers the ultimate luxury service. The YU Lounge ‘s serene atmosphere uplifts the passenger’s experience by bringing in a feel good factor that is bound to make every stop at the lounge memorable.

Having waved goodbye to the long tedious weeks of isolation which were a bundle of slackness, doubts, stress and hope, we aspire at the Yu Lounge to dissipate any post pandemic fear by abiding by a strict modus operandi to keep the premises sanitized and hygienic for the well being of everyone. My team and myself warmly thank you for your unwavering loyalty and great complicity which strengthen the culture of excellence that defines the YU Lounge and helps us to be in line with our core vision to provide bespoke service reflecting our adherence to the rich cultural heritage of our country.

Partners at the YU Lounge (Projects), Pushing for local exclusive craftmanship

Hindsight is 2020. 2020 was certainly for us the year of self-reflection, and we decided to take advantage of our challenges to rethink our role in the tourism industry. 50% of our clientele are repeat customers, which means that each year, for about 6000 of our guests, the YU Lounge remains their first and sometimes their last impression of Mauritius. The weight of this realization impacts greatly the way we design our customer experience. Moving forward, YU Lounge will be partnering with local artisans, artists, and businesses. From an eclectic library that will showcase the nation’s finest authors to the specially made hand-thrown ceramics from potters in the north of the island, this initiative aims to highlight the best of what Mauritius has to offer besides its idyllic scenery: its people, their skills, and the history that shaped them. In the spirit of celebrating Mauritian craftsmanship and know-how, our brand-new boutique, Lakabane, will be featuring a selection of carefully curated items: dreamy soft cashmere garments, exquisite novel rums, refined sugar confections, and expertly crafted jewelry. Our retail experience doesn’t stop at the airport. Our concierges will happily organize visits to our many partners. Want to pick a precious stone and design custom jewelry? Or learn how to cut sugarcane with the experts on a historic estate? Everything is possible. Let us open our country to you and make you see that lounges are not just for waiting anymore.


The Human Capital of YU Lounge (Mauritius) Ltd is evocative of our diversity. We come from different backgrounds and have different dreams. However, together we all start our days with one clear objective in mind: to realize our promise to our guests whilst respecting our core values. Our Team has always shown a great level of resilience. Particularly in the unprecedented context during which maintaining social relationship was a real challenge. However, we have put all our efforts and minds together to generate a set of protocols, manuals, Standard Operating Procedures that will be useful for the Company on a long -term basis. Each one of made it through these difficult times in our own way; but all of us have learned a lot out of it.

Over and above the professional contribution, which we can be proud of, there is also this sentiment of pride to be part of a group that shares the same values and in which each member feels he or she has an essential role in maintaining this bond and to make the company evolve. Our Company, despite having only some twelve years of existence, has constantly evolved to face the various challenges that emanates within its own ecosystem which is itself subject to international norms which have become more and more rigorous. Nowadays, we are exposed to further worldwide constraints that profoundly upsets and affects this ecosystem. But thanks to that mindset that always motivates us to become a better person and to improve our professionalism we see this only as another opportunity.

There is no doubt that together we will make it!


As seasoned travelers, we have often asked ourselves: why are most lounges so… boring? With nothing to do but look at your phone, even the prettiest airport lounges can feel like big waiting rooms. We thought you deserve better. Enter our YU Lounge Library. A curation of Mauritian authors, art books, children’s selection and custom made board games and stationary. A perfect setting to work on those emails or do some coloring. 

Furniture on cover: Cypraea (instagram cypraea_ilemaurice) Silver animals: Patrick Mavros (instragram Patrick Mavros) Cashmere: Atelier INAM (Instagram atelier.inam)
Painted Ceramic: Sharon Thompson (Instagram shazzabellebelle) Teapots: Janine Espitalier-Noel (Instagram potterybyjanine) Rum: Rum Emperor (Instagram emperor_rum)
Wine: Takamaka (Instagram takamaka_mauritius)

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