We offer a multi vendor Home & Garden marketplace where you create your own e-store and can trade online and sell all your products.


Monthly Packages


Low Monthly Fees

Vendors can choose from our 3 monthly subscriptions packages to feature unlimited products at 0% for either 3, 6 or 12 months contract.
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Powerful Integrated Marketing

Our integrated marketing tools with our partners make it easy
to promote and grow our marketplace and help you reach more customers.
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Homes Magazine

We promote all your brands, products, and services in our quarterly Homes magazines which are delivered to all Lux Cafes, L’Epicerie, La Maison du Gourmet etc.
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Start selling online on HOMES.MU in just 4 simple steps


Register and select a package

  • Once you have registered and selected your package and paid for it, you will then be given your access logins to create your online store on Homes.mu.
  • We will contact you to give you a free training on how to run your online business on our marketplace.
  • Our team will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online.

Create your store and upload unlimited products

  • Once you have registered your business, it is time to create your store and upload all your products.
  • We will help you upload all your products and show you how to best present them on our marketplace in order for you to get more orders.
  • Our marketplace is equipped with a CRM which shows all orders received and even lets you create a product catalogue, create coupons for promotions and much more.

Promote your new online store

  • You now have your own online store on the popular Homes.mu marketplace.
  • Upload as many products, share and promote your new online store onto your personal Facebook Account or Company Page.
  • We highly recommend you also start doing your own email marketing and share your new store URL www.Homes.mu/store/brandname or product links onto all your social networks in order to grow engagement and product awareness about your new business online store.
  • These two exercises above will drive more traffic to your Homes.mu store.

Manage your orders and process your deliveries

  • You now can manage your store products, orders and reviews.
  • After receiving our notification of a new order and payment you will then need to proceed with the delivery of your product.
  • Make sure the item gets to the client via the selected delivery option. If you have selected to work with FEDEX Rennel Ltd or Bongeni for your delivery.
  • The order will mention the buyers details, you now have a new customer in your database make sure you contact them to let them know about future promotions.


Choose from 3 paid packages


Here are some common questions about selling on HOMES.MU

Why sell on HOMES.MU?

Homes.mu provides a marketplace for local products and luxury brands such as kitchen retailers, furniture, sofas, furnishing, and decorative suppliers.

You can create your own online store on Homes.mu and benefit from our integrated marketing packages. You simply have to select one of our three membership packages for a minimum contract of 3 months to see results. Should you select an annual plan paid in full you get 2 months for FREE 20% DISCOUNT.

Our packages have been carefully designed to help the retailer who needs a new sale and marketing channel and be able to sell online without the hassle of investing or creating an e-commerce store. For those who have an e-commerce store but need more targeted traffic, they can sign up on our marketplace and upload all their products which will have an external link to their own e-commerce store to payment processing.

We have thought about every aspect of the vendor and online buyer journey with our marketplace. Should you wish to simply feature on Homes.mu and want to pay us a commission, we can also cater for this option.

Our Membership Packages

1- Bronze Package -Rs10,000 + VAT/pm

Save Rs20,000 if you pay annually Rs100,000

  • You get unlimited products on Homes.mu @ Zero Commission plus
  • Social media marketing on all our pages to promote your products and brands

2- Silver Package -Rs20,000 + VAT/pm

Save Rs40,000 if you pay annually Rs200,000

  • You get unlimited products on Homes.mu @ Zero Commission plus
  • Social media marketing on all our pages to promote your products and brands
  • 1 x Email marketing pm to our 15,000 HNWC database
  • 2 Featured Products
  • Store and Products Reviews
  • 2 full-page advertising on our Homes magazine

3- Gold Package – Rs30,000 + VAT/pm

Save Rs60,000 if you pay annually Rs300,000

  • You get unlimited products on Homes.mu @ Zero Commission plus
  • Social media marketing on all our pages to promote your products and brands
  • 1 x Email marketing to our 15,000 HNWC database
  • 4 Featured Products
  • Store and Products Reviews
  • 4 full page advertising on our Homes Magazine



  • For only Rs30,000 + VAT /pm you have all your products on Homes.mu marketplace, plus your advertising in our 4 edition of our magazine, plus your online marketing including social media and email marketing taken care
  • You just focus on updating your store with new products, promotions, processing your transactions, and delivering your product to your new clients
  • We take care of making sure you get orders and traffic to your store on Homes.mu – membership package
  • This is your new online store make it as attractive and have as much company details, description, and products so you can sell more. Make sure you use your company logo and upload a banner
  • Make sure you fill in the full description, the correct price homes.mu – product list template 3 also does have all your images which need to be squared on a white background, 2000x2000px, 72dpi, <1Mb in size. Note unprofessional pictures will not be allowed on our marketplace
  • If you have any promotions use the coupons tools made available in your CRM
  • We also have key banners with Shop Now link which goes to your own e-store on Homes.mu or which goes directly to your e-commerce site

What is the sale process?

Once your store is created on Homes.mu, you will have your logins and password to access your store CRM on our marketplace. After you have uploaded all your products and we have approved it will be featured on Homes.mu. We highly recommend you select the popular membership package to best promote your products and brands on both our Homes.mu marketplace and magazine.

Once a product is purchased, you will receive an email notification that an order has been made on Homes.mu with confirmation that payment was sent to your bank A/C. The buyer will also be noticed that the product is on its way.

Deliveries Options

Bongeni Logo Light Square Frame Web

Vendors have three options:

1- Provide their own delivery services (paid or free)

2- Select the services of Bongeni.mu (Same Day Delivery)

3- Select the services of FedEx Rennel Ltd (48Hrs Delivery)

FedEx deliveries will be charged as per the following table:


Package weight (Physical or volumetric whichever is the highest)

Price in Rs excluding VAT

Delivery timeframe

Minimum charge

0-5 Kg


48 hours

Each Additional 5 Kg

5 Kg


48 hours

Order Consolidation fee

Per merchant / 5 kg


48 hours

Reattempt Delivery Fee


24 hours




  • The Vendor agrees to enter into a commercial contract with Homes.mu to use our marketplace and magazine
  • The Vendor agrees to process, deliver and or refund our clients
  • The Vendor and Buyer agree to Homes.mu T&C’s and Policymaking a payment to the vendor they are accepting their company and product policies
  • The Vendor can select to make their own delivery paid or free, those which chooses either FedEx/Bongeni must enter into an agreement
  • The Vendor is liable to communicate with their new client and follow up on delivery
  • Homes.mu is only the marketplace facilitating this online trade activity and only provides a service to vendors to find new customers against an agreed fee
  • Homes.mu is not liable for deliveries extra costs, lost, theft or damaged items
  • The management reserves the right to refuse any product(s), brand(s), a person(s) or company we don’t see a fit to work with on either our marketplace or magazine

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